This reproduction is a limited edition giclee print, printed on PH neutral hot pressed cotton rag paper, from IPP using the Epson 9890 and color fast pure pigment inks from the K3 ink set at 1440 DPI. Rated stable for greater than 100 years. 




I was looking for a new material to include in my painting class and happened upon modeling paste. As I experimented with this material myself I discovered how fun it was to use. Its magical pliable consistency drew me into the world of relief sculpting on canvas. As I played with this material I looked towards ancient relief sculpting as an inspiration.  The combination of these brilliant ancient relief images of figures in active poses with my new obsession of umbrellas and chairs viewed from above created a spectacular idea for my artwork. I love the play in composition of the circles of the umbrellas in relation to the rectangular shapes of the chairs and contrast of their shadows. My art series “Views From Above” amuses me as I include little stories, in image form, between my people enjoying the sunny beach day.

Bubble Gum


    By Fanelle White

    Copyright © 2019 by Fanelle White and Lois Eder.


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